Month: January 2021

Sweets & Desserts Recipe

Custard Whip Cream

This super and yummy Vanilla Custard Whip Cream is an indian and pakistan dessert. with layers of Vanilla Custard, colored vermicelli,chocolate chip,nuts,Jelly and the top of chilled whip cream.Vanilla Custard whip cream can be a great summer treat.Similar to popular Indian Dessert-Doodh Dulari,Rabri. What Is Custard Powder? Custard is similar to a pudding mix in […]

Sweets & Desserts Recipe

Shahi Zarda (Sweet Rice)

Shahi Zarda is a traditional sweet rice dessert .The word came from the persian work Zarda,which means yellow.Zarda also known as Meethe Chawal a sweet rice dish delicately flavoured with aromatic spices,dry fruits and lots of tutti frutti and nuts.Shahi Zarda is a very popular dish in wedding and special occasions like festival, celebration. You […]

Indian, Pakistani

Beef Nihari

Nihari is a beef stew popular in the northern region of Indian, pakistan and bangladesh.Nihari is a meat stew that is incredible for winter season.More curry recipe is Chicken Korma Traditionally this beef stew is cooked gradually over night and eaten as breakfast in early mornings but you can enjoy it over lunch or dinner. […]