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chicken korma qorma food recipe book
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Chicken Korma

Chicken korma is so popular food india and pakistan.How to cook Korma & Qorma Indian subcontinent dish.Chicken Korma is the perfect dinner treat dish that is easy to make, quick and a no fuss recipe. It is so tasty and delicious.most of the pakistani wedding event served korma to guess . we know best Chicken […]

Chicken Aloo Salan Food Recipe Book
Curry Recipes

Chicken Aloo Salan Recipe (Chicken Aloo curry)

Chicken Aloo salan is very tasty and popular food in pakistan.This Chicken Aloo salan cook every home in pakistan.In this recipe we teach you how to cook this Chicken Aloo Salan Recipe. chicken aloo salan also sell in most of pakistan restaurant. Include Chicken in this salan it so tasty and delicious also chicken have […]

Semolina Pudding Recipe Sooji kheer Recipe Food Recipe Book
Sweets & Desserts Recipe

Sooji Kheer (Semolina) pudding

Semolina Pudding (sooji kheer) in urdu and Hindi.It so popular name of sooji kheer in the India and Pakistan But other countries of Europe and like USA called Semolina Pudding. Prepared in well under 15 minutes.It makes an extraordinary option in contrast to past oat porridge. Everyone likes to eat Sooji Kheer.It so tasty and […]

Beef burger food recipe book

Beef Burger Recipe

Beef Burger is so Popular stacked all around the is so tasty and delicious. This homemade beef burger recipe. I hope you love this beef burger. You can try these otherĀ SNACKSĀ Recipes, What Is Burger? A burger is a short form of a hamburger. the burger is like of the sandwich. It uses a special […]

shami kabab food recipe book
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Beef Shami Kabab Recipe

Beef Shami kabab one of the most popular food in pakistan.It is so tasty. This is one of the best recipes shami kabab recipe.some many types of shami kabab like chicken, button ,beef. One of these most popular street of in Pakistan India and Bangladesh. In this beef shami kabab recipe we teach you how […]

Baked Stuffing chicken Bun food recipe book

Stuffing Chicken Bun Recipe

Chicken Bun is a homemade recipe.It is so tasty and delicious. Baked Stuffing chicken Bun recipe is easy to cook. everyone easily baked Stuffing Chicken Bun. You can try these my SNACKS Recipes. Categories Latest Posts

Moong Dal Halwa food recipe book
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Moong Dal Halwa

Moong Dal Halwa It is a popular dessert sweet made in India , Pakistan.During winter month which is made is every household.This is a unique and delicious recipe uses just main ingredient like Moong Dal,ghee,sugar,and milk. You can try my other sweet recipes,Lauki ka halwa,Suji ka halwa Recipe Moong Dal Halwa (sweet) the most common […]

Calzone Food Recipe Book
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Chicken Calzone Recipe

Calzone is an Italian-origin food. A calzone is a type of Italian folded is so tasty. The recipe is so easy to cook. A typical calzone is made from salted bread dough, baked in an oven, and is stuffed with salami, ham or vegetables, Chicken, mozzarella, ricotta, and Parmesan or pecorino cheese, as well […]