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Hyderabadi Bagara Rice (Bagara Chawal)

Bagara rice is a traditional hyderbadi cuisines rice dish made with rice,whole spices,herbs and green chili. such as cloves,Cinnamon stick, blace peppercorns, green cardamom. Bagara rice is one of the most popular recipe for hyderbadi cusision that is prepared in almost every households, especially in India and pakistan.More rice chicken fried rice In this recipe, […]

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Beef Nihari

Nihari is a beef stew popular in the northern region of Indian, pakistan and bangladesh.Nihari is a meat stew that is incredible for winter season.More curry recipe is Chicken Korma Traditionally this beef stew is cooked gradually over night and eaten as breakfast in early mornings but you can enjoy it over lunch or dinner. […]

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Kadhi Pakora Recipe

KADHI PAKORA is one of the most popular north Indian dish deep fried pakora and dunked in a yogurt based curry made with Gram Flour and Spices. You can try these other recipes,Tinday gosht What Is Kadhi? Kadhi is a Dish starting from the indian subcontinent.It consists of a thick sauce based on Gram Flour,and […]

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Aloo Methi Recipe

Aloo methi easy recipe of fenugreek leaves and potatoes sauteed in garlic and spices.Fenugreek leaves are called methi and potatoes known.Hence the name aloo methi.Aloo methi a super delicious dish on the whole.It is a great lunch dish option and can be serves with chapathi or paratha or as a side with some dal. Categories […]

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Lauki ka halwa

Lauki ka halwa is a very popular summer sweet dessert. It is quick and simple to make with bottle gourd, milk, sugar, ghee, and milk powder. Which flavored with cardamom and kewra water. You can make this sweet dessert to enjoy after your meal. Lauki ka halwa is a labor-intensive process that required need a […]